I am the CEO and co-founder of Health Via Modern Nutrition (hvmn.com).

I’m also a semi-pro marathon runner. I run up to 80 miles per week and my marathon pace is faster than most people can run a single mile.

I wasn’t always this way.

I grew up in Chicago, where I went to Lincoln Park High School, a public IB school in the heart of the city. I moved to California to study computer science and product design in undergrad at Stanford, where I met Geoff my co-founder.

My first job was as a product manager at YouTube in its heyday (I was there when Gangnam Style became the first online video ever to hit 1B views, and worked on v1 of features like "autoplay next video"). After leaving YouTube I became a professor of brand strategy at the Academy of Art in SF, teaching undergrads and masters students a curriculum of how brands express their core value across various mediums —product design, written word, photography, graphic design, architecture, sound, etc.

As I looked at the major paradigm shifts in culture and technology — past, present, and future — I became fixated on the human body as the next major platform for innovation.

I started tinkering around with everything. Trying out nootropics, tracking my footsteps, optimizing sleep, intermittent fasting, sending my cheek swab to 23andMe, tracking my blood glucose with a CGM — you name it, I've tried it.

I applied everything I was learning into becoming an elite marathoner and building H.V.M.N.

What I found is that metabolism — the process by which your body turns calories into usable energy — is the key driver of many of the outcomes that people care about. We’re all "doing metabolism" all the time. Whether you want athletic performance, longevity, weight loss, or better energy throughout the day, the common path is to optimize your metabolism.

I've chosen to focus on modern nutrition because that has the potential to be the single greatest driver of global health outcomes.

I’m not motivated by money or clout. What motivates me is making something that’s a valuable part of people's lives at massive scale. I want to be in everyone’s kitchen. To me, the best feeling in the world is when people spend their hard earned money on something my team and I have created because it adds genuine value to their lives.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to contact me with any questions or interesting ideas or recommendations.

Thanks for reading!

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