Here are my values.

I highly recommend that everyone list out their own values.

You may be surprised what you really care about, how your values are the same or different from people around you, and how you resolve conflicts between your own values and between your values and those of the people around you.

Meta Value

The most important value is the meta value of knowing what your values are and being unafraid to stand up for them.


Simplicity / Clarity

Simple is king. Nothing that’s not simple works.


Complex projects are built by compounding value across many simple steps.

Connects to other values of Leadership and Leverage. Most concepts go through multiple telephone hops, with potential for signal loss. Needs to be simple to be scalable.

Stop distracting yourself from what you really want.


Connectedness to friends, customers, team, community.



Calm amid the storm.

Able to zoom out and see yourself, your roles, and others, for what they are